First Steps…


Am I really doing this?! Am I about to quit my successful career and move home with my parents, all in the name of healing and change?! I’m 34 and for the last 12 years I have been dedicating myself to improving the lives of people. I was born with a congenital heart defect and spent my childhood in and out of the hospital for various open heart surgeries, tests and procedures. I knew that God has wanted me to use my struggles and my story to encourage and help others. So instead of letting my heart problem stop me, I used it as a way to reach others and devote my time to serving them. Then two years ago my health started to decline and every day turned in to this struggle between being there for my job or making it through the day. My medical team started using old familiar phrases like “We don’t know how to make you better” or “We are waiting for science to catch up to you.” However, this time the phrases didn’t fall on the ears of a 16 year old who still lived at home, but a woman still dedicated to her career and her independence. Then after 5 hospital visits,a very embarrassing and scary incident of being shocked by my defibrillator during a meeting, I realized that I couldn’t do this anymore on my own. It was humbling to call my parents and say the words “I need to come home.” I had been praying, crying out and asking for direction…and it came…on a drive home, after a long day at work. I knew that in order to start living again, to really heal, I would need to drastically make some changes. I didn’t want to be just a sick person struggling, but I wanted to really be alive again.

This brings us to the now…the part where I stop working, move back to my hometown to live with my parents and start focusing on healing. I want to be the old “Kimmie” that people knew, have energy to be the world’s #1 Auntie and to live again. I’ve had many adventures so far in life, but I know this is the craziest thing I have ever chosen to do. I know this is the direction God wants me to take, so I am going for it. I decided to start this blog not only as a way for me to process this new adventure but to continue to reach out to others.

My recovery trail will be long…it will be tough…it will be humbling…it will be exhilarating…

but I know it will be full of love and laughter…it will change my soul…it will bring me back.

So I hope you all enjoy my View from the Recovery Trail….


8 Comments on “First Steps…

  1. Sweet- now I don’t have to worry about missing updates – subscribed! Check out my friend Shannon Kaiser at She’s great at helping me keep “what really living feels like” right in front of my face. Here’s to thrive-covery!


    • Thrive-covery!!! What an amazing word! It fits so well into this situation! And thank you for subscribing and it means he world to me. I will check out your friends site for sure!!


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