Starting point…

I’m officially moved home! Scratch that…all my stuff is down in one location now. My parents are continuing to help me sort through everything and we are now playing the puzzle game of how to merge everything into my room. So we now find ourselves at this starting point of sorts. I thought it would appropriate to give everyone an honest look at what my “starting point” looks like. I want to document everything and so even though I am NOT comfortable sharing my weight (I’m a lady!) or other medical facts, this journey won’t make sense if I don’t paint a picture of what a very tired congenital heart patient looks like.


Yes, that is what I look like very tired. (what, you think I was going to post an ugly photo?! LOL)


Alright, so these photos may not be sad glimpses into my world. However, they are hard for me to look at. The reason being, is that I know what this girl feels like on the inside and how much I feel like my body isn’t my own right now. Right now my body is owned by this defect. Plus, I wanted cute “before” photos, that way when I dominate this defect I have a documented glimpse into day 1.

So here is my “Starting Point”…

220 pounds

BP 142/75

VO2 oxygen uptake at rest 47% (meaning I’m getting 53% less oxygen than most people while I sit)

VO2 oxygen uptake at peak 28% (meaning I’m getting 72% less oxygen than most people when I push myself)

Diagnosed Tetrollogy of  Fallot

Aorta Aneurysm (ya its there)

Ventricular Tachycardia

Implanted ICD

Anxiety (panic attacks are daily)

can walk 3/4 mile in about 15-20 minutes


There you go folks! I can’t get anymore real that that! It’s my reality and I’m putting it all out there. I can’t change the heart problem, but I’m hoping to change the things that surround it.

This was my honest View from the Recovery Trail.

Hugs- Kimmie



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