The Exaustion of being Brave

The Exhaustion of Being BraveSo here is the hard truth, the one that I think sometimes people don’t say. Being brave, having miracle moments, beating the odds, overcoming a traumatic situation are quite possibly the most exhausting moments of your life…ahem…I’m exhausted.

Bravery to me, is like sitting on the shore line and letting wave after wave hit you, it feels unending and there is so much power behind every moment. (Hence, all the wave photos throughout this post). There are always those instances, where “being brave” seems like it might have its perks. You feel this flush of love from those around you, you are told that you strengthened their faith, or its been inspiring to watch you bravely face something and they are now ready to go live life to the fullest. For a time this keeps you going and pushes you forward. The Exaustion of being Brave

Then in the quiet moments that come after the initial rush, you are left with an exhausted shell…you realize you will have to choose bravery over and over again and it’s going to drain every ounce of energy you have. The Exaustion of being Brave

I don’t want to let anyone down by saying what I’m really thinking, but it has to be said…

“Being brave is the pits! Pass me my heating pad and turn on a cheesy movie, cause I need to just ride out this moment.”

I realize that for some people struggling with chronic illness like me, they have to face the exhaustion of bravery on a daily basis. I’ve recently had these moments where I feel myself waking up from my sickness coma that I have been in and see some of my very close friends battling bravery in some pretty intense life decisions and situations. Which leads me to believe that this bravery thing is forced upon most of us. I would love to live in a world where I wake up and I am blissfully unaware that anything is wrong…instead of my day feeling like you just watched a marathon of Nicholas Sparks movies.

Henry David Thoreau said  “The brave man braves nothing, nor knows he of his bravery.” No offense, but Thoreau had it wrong. I’ve been aware of every moment in where I had to be brave and I’ve felt every draining minute. I know those of you who are struggling through your own bravery workout know exactly what I’m talking about.The Exaustion of being Brave

I’m now at this impasse…I know my recovery trail, my life, will continue to force me into moments of bravery…but to be honest I’m quite tired of the toll bravery takes on my soul and my body. It’s almost like I have to brave, bravery itself. So I’ve started to try anything I can do to help fight the exhaustion I feel and I thought maybe if I shared it with you guys, then it might help someone else or even inspire other ideas!

  1. Be proud of the little steps…I once congratulated myself for pouring milk into the cereal bowl instead of just eating it dry. Don’t judge, bravery takes every ounce of energy!
  2. Treat yourself…I buy the fancy cucumber water at the store and some exotic cheese that makes me feel adventurous.
  3. Open a window or step outside or change your scenery…I’ve noticed when I’m battling something, I’m focused just on that. Changing my view, letting some light in or feeling fresh air can break up that exhaustion I feel.
  4. Take care of your body as if you are continually running a race. Bravery is draining mentally but physically it takes its toll. My aches, my pains and sometimes, no joke, my hair feels weaker when thrust into the exhaustion of bravery. So drink more water, heat those sore muscles and keep stretching it out.

I know that none of those things cure what I’m battling or what others are fighting, but hopefully it’s a start. What I want to know is what others are doing to help battle the exhaustion of bravery? I would love to hear any tips or tricks you have used!

For now I will continue to view bravery for what it is…an exhausting daily battle, that I hope someday to win and then promptly celebrate by taking a well deserved nap.

This has been another View from the Recovery Trail and I send it out with love!

The Exaustion of being Brave


7 Comments on “The Exaustion of being Brave

  1. Kim, I read a good article recently on bravery. I’m horrible at remembering what I read as I zoom through books and articles and remember little. But it was on bravery. Mostly on telling your kids they’re brave if they do something that seems a little scary. But it was pointed out that bravery doesn’t just mean doing things that scare you some or pushing yourself beyond your normal limits. Bravery is making the decision best for you. You are brave when you write about your worries or concerns or how you feel people may judge you. That’s bravery! So continue doing what feels best to you, what seems best for your body. We are all different and all make decisions to do what seems best for us. You are You!
    You are very brave!

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    • I love that Mama Deets…”bravery is making the decision best for you”. What a perfect statement!!! You always have such sage wisdom to pass along. Love you bunches and thanks for always cheering me on!


  2. Bestie, I wish I could do more and be there for you more (physically at least), but YOU CAN DO THIS. Science has caught up to you before and will again. Until then, I am always here for you, even if you need to let go of being brave for a few minutes and complain.

    I am in awe of you on a daily basis. XOXO

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    • I just love you bunches bestie! I’m always in awe of your strength and how you seem to conquer anything you set out to do…so I always draw strength from you! Thanks for always supporting me. I got lucky when I met you way back in the day. Love you!


  3. I had to read when I saw the tag to this post. I get it, where the comment was made that science will catch up to you. My son is fighting that fight, too. At 22, it seems the Dr.s are using him as a test subject, cos they don’t know why things are happening, when they may stop happening, and how to give his semi-normal life back.
    I fight it exhausting from here, as well.


  4. Hi Kimmie – you don’t know me but I know a couple people that know you really well and when they talk about you it is with nothing but respect and love. Recently I felt able to open up to someone and tell them that I had had a bad day, so bad that I wanted to run off the floor at work and have a cry. They were shocked. They asked me how I could feel that way, because they had no idea, they see me smiling, chatting, and genuinely asking others how they are doing. I told that person that I have a lot of bad days but my position does not allow me to show it. I have to be the beacon of joy for all my employees so that they have a good day. When I am with my friends and they are expressing their troubles they look to me for an entertaining comment to distract their thoughts or a silly story to change the mood of the convo. This has taught me the art of deflection. When I have a bad day I just deflect my thoughts and tell a joke so that the tear doesn’t fall out of my eye. I wish I didn’t do that. I wish I could tell people how I feel. I wish I could have a cry and get it over with. My troubles are nothing compared to the fight you fight but stress is stress. It is damn difficult to always be brave, strong, and courageous. I absolutely hate the phrase ‘fake ’til you make it’. I prefer to have my moments when I’m alone but that is why I overwork and plan out all of my free time with people, so I am never alone. That is exhausting as well. I don’t have advice for how to get through it. My only advice is Just be you and if you can’t be you, be a unicorn. (see what I did there? lol.) But really, be you and tell those you trust how you feel. Don’t waste your time on people that don’t accept you. And tell your story to who ever will listen because it resonates and every time it falls on the right ears – you heal their thoughts, even if for a moment. Much love to you.


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