Getting back out there and the power of harvest season…

It has been far to long since my last blog post. After 36 years of surgeries for my Congenital Heart Defects and one very traumatic hospital event, I developed (or was struck by) PTSD and so much of what made me the person I love just seemed to vanish for awhile. I have been doing some intensive therapy and trying to fight my way back for quite some time now. I had originally thought my first blog post back would be telling my story of this current journey on the recovery trail, but then cranberry harvest season started here and I found myself once again out with my trusty camera feeling alive again. So, I decided to postpone that blog for a later date and show you what has helped me feel like the old Kimmie.


There is something so exhilarating about harvest season. The family traditions here in this small town, the excitement of watching the berries pop up on the water or watching them fly through the air. Every year I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful family allow me to document their process…I may not be able to help with the grueling work, but they get me in the water, let me hobble around and often comply with my ridiculous requests for photo ops. They have seen the joy on my face, they have seen me move more and they see the real Kimmie come to the surface. This year I have been honored that three families have allowed me to be a part of this wonderful part of the season.


The PTSD has brought up fears that make no sense to me and I find myself scared in new situations and so even though I was excited to visit these new farms, I couldn’t help but feel the palpitations and see my heart rate go up. So I did what I always do…I sit down in the field and focus in. Sitting among the berries, breathing deep and picking one off the vine to taste the tart and sweet…I started to calm down and blend back into my element.


IMG_3446 (2)1.jpg


As the days went on, I realized that in a weird way I could relate to the long process of harvest. For a year these bogs are tended to, hard work is put into them, sometimes things need to be fixed, new vines need to be planted or new strategies need to be found…all for the hope that you start to see the color and bounty of your reward, a field filled with strong cranberries. I feel like I have been tending to and putting my hard work into fighting this last year and harvest came around just in time to remind me that my reward is waiting for me, that my view from the recovery trail is still as gorgeous as always.


Let me know if you enjoyed seeing harvest photos…I will be out at the farms all month and would love to share more photos with you! Thanks again for continuing to follow my view from the recovery trail!



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