Getting back out there and the power of harvest season…

It has been far to long since my last blog post. After 36 years of surgeries for my Congenital Heart Defects and one very traumatic hospital event, I developed (or was struck by) PTSD and so much of what made me the person I love just seemed to vanish for awhile. I have been doing […]

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Exploration and Limitations: a CHD road trip

The first thing I thought when my cousin told me he would be coming over from the east coast for a visit was pure joy! I had spent many summer traveling around with him when he was younger…I was the driver and he held the maps, we always got lost and we always had an […]

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The Exaustion of being Brave

So here is the hard truth, the one that I think sometimes people don’t say. Being brave, having miracle moments, beating the odds, overcoming a traumatic situation are quite possibly the most exhausting moments of your life…ahem…I’m exhausted.

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