The Reality of Writing the Truth

If you ask me what my idea of heaven is, what I picture what it will be like after I’m gone from this world…it is one long stretch of beach and I’m running. Everything flows right, I can actually feel my heart beating and it is strong. I have air in my lungs, I take […]

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The Exaustion of being Brave

So here is the hard truth, the one that I think sometimes people don’t say. Being brave, having miracle moments, beating the odds, overcoming a traumatic situation are quite possibly the most exhausting moments of your life…ahem…I’m exhausted.

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Kimmie’s Guide to a Happy Hospital Stay

A year ago my friend was going into surgery and she asked me how I keep sane and positive throughout all of the emotions surrounding a hospital stay. So I came up with a list of things that might help. Surgery can be daunting and the idea of it can drive even the toughest person […]

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